BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – This fall, Louisiana continues to set unemployment records with statistics indicating that more people in the state have lucrative jobs.

Louisiana’s August 2022 seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is 3.5 percent, which is a record low for the third consecutive month.

While this is good news for Louisiana, other job-related statistics reveal that 50 percent of workers in the U.S. feel stressed by their jobs on a daily basis and that as many as 60 percent of those polled say they feel emotionally detached from their jobs.

So, what can a person do to address deep-seated negative feelings about work?

Forbes and other, related articles have practical advice on the matter. Several such suggestions are listed below:

If you want to expand your role, talk to your boss

Some employees feel like their work is undervalued or that their ideas are not respected. If there is a polite way to address these concerns, you might consider having a pleasant conversation with your supervisor, letting them know you’d like to do more. If a raise in pay would be an appropriate accompaniment to the suggested expansion of duties, suggest this as well.

While this sort of conversation can lead to getting what you want, there are certain conversations that experts say a worker should avoid initiating with their employer.

For example, if you’re planning to leave the company in a few months, this is likely not a topic to broach with your boss or even with fellow coworkers. Your current employer and colleagues do not need to know you’re working on a career change. Part of the reason for this is that if your employer feels you are disloyal, they may fire you well before your planned leave date.

Figure out what you want out of your career and write a game plan

Figuring out what you want is the first step towards getting what you want. This can be accomplished by researching various jobs online and interviewing people who perform in these roles to see what they do on a day-to-day basis. You might also hire a career coach or volunteer at a nonprofit that allows you to test drive the possible career.

Once you know what you want, write out a game plan that details how you’ll get the job of your dreams.

At this point, your current job can continue to serve as a means to an end while you take steps that bring you closer to the job you want.

In this regard, Forbes says, “Better to move towards buying that cool car you’ve always wanted than walk away from the rust-bucket that’s literally been driving you crazy without an alternative.”

Keep performing well at your current job

While you’re making plans to leave, continue to give your current employer your best.

Maintaining a positive relationship with your boss and their company to the very end of your employment and perhaps even after you’ve moved on may come in handy one day.

Forbes says, “You don’t want to burn bridges, especially if you’ll need good references.”

Set aside at least 30 minutes daily to focus on new career goals

If you’re interested in moving on to a new company or starting your own, some experts suggest setting aside at least a half hour daily to focus on your goals.

Forbes quotes an expert on the topic who advises, “Jot down your goals and steps to work towards them. Many people stuck in dead end jobs have started or launched their small businesses on the side. Thirty minutes a day can be found in your commute, waiting in car lines, or traffic.”

A person who feels ‘stuck’ in their current role at work can apply the suggestions above to trigger new ideas and rekindle their sense of excitement regarding career opportunities.

That said, the goal is to do more than dream.

The goal is to create a game plan and launch it via a gradual yet enjoyable process that brings hard workers towards their career aspirations.

Along those lines, anyone interested in starting their own business can glean free tips from the federal government’s webpage on the subject; click here to access it.