ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque woman had big plans to spend Thursday for her 89th birthday, at a Lady Gaga concert. So her friends and family tried to cheer-up the disappointed fan.

Cars lined the road blasting a Lady Gaga playlist, some even dressed in Gaga inspired costumes, to surprise a superfan on her 89th birthday. Ilse Gay had plans for her special day. “I want to go see Lady Gaga in Vegas,” Gay says.

From her first album to singing with Tony Bennett, Gay says she’s followed Gaga’s career for a while now. “I saw her in a ‘Star is Born’ and I thought she blew it out of the park, so that’s why I wanted to go see her,” said Gay.

She paid $1,000 for two seats at Lady Gaga’s show at the MGM Plaza. “We got our plane tickets and our room reservations and then COVID-19 came up, so that was the end of that,” Gay says.

Her friends were determined to give Gay a Lady Gaga experience. “We were going have Lady Gaga try to FaceTime or Zoom her but she didn’t respond to us,” says Claire Cavanaugh.

So they did the next best thing, “Never dreamed I would have all this joy, love, never dreamed of it,” Gay says. The gathering wasn’t the only surprise Gay received. She also found out she’s expecting her first great-grandchild.