A federal bill may change your right to choose whether or not you want to be vaccinated


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A group of protesters are against being forced to get vaccinations, so they decided to protest on Saturday.

This group of women is a part of the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccinations, a nationwide movement that is fighting for the right to choose whether or not to get vaccinated.

They are against House Bill 2527 the “Vaccinate All Children Act.” If it is passed then no state can offer vaccine exemptions for anything but medical reasons.

Currently, all states require vaccinations for children to attend school. 
44 states allow religious exemptions, and 15 states allow exemptions for either religious or personal beliefs. North Dakota has three exemptions such as medical, religious and personal.

Protestors say it’s important to get the word out because they feel vaccinations can affect everyone differently.

“There are people I know that have vaccine-injured children. Their children went to get their monthly shots and all of a sudden they just were not the same. They had this high pitch scream, and it is something that one size does not fit all,” said Alexis Wangler, Linton resident.

“Educating people before giving the vaccines is not standard procedure. We don’t tell them you could have diabetes or anything else. That stuff isn’t really discussed and I wasn’t taught to do that,” said Brodi Alt, a nurse.

The bill was introduced in the house on May 3. It awaits a potential vote in the House Energy and Commerce committee.

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