TENSAS PARISH, La. (BRPROUD) – 9-year-old Clarke Williams IV, of Baton Rouge, had a Thanksgiving to remember with family and friends.

It all started the weekend before Thanksgiving when Clarke and his dad, Trey all went to a friends’ camp in
Morehouse Parish.

Image courtesy of Trey Williams

It was there that Clarke caught his first fish.

The story of Clarke’s first fish involved a group of friends, a few rods and reels, and a beetle spin.

Clarke’s dad did not expect anyone to catch anything, but lo and behold, Clarke caught a perch.

From there, Clarke and Trey Williams travelled to their camp in Tensas Parish.

The duo would spend several days at the camp.

Father and son spent their time deer hunting.

On one particular day, they ventured into their stand and within 30 minutes saw two small does.

It was evening and after letting the does go, a “shooter” doe as it is called, came into view.

Clarke’s dad tells the story from here, “We got the gun up and ready, and right before he pulled the trigger, the buck ran out and scared off the doe. He was ready to shoot and the buck was standing right where the doe was standing, so he just pulled the trigger.”

And with that, Clarke had used a 300 BLK to kill his first deer. The deer is not up on a wall yet, but Clarke’s dad assures us that it will be.

Trey Williams is proud of his son, calling this “one of the most exciting things he has ever done.”

The story does not end there, as Clarke’s sister went hunting with her dad on the week before Christmas.

Trey’s daughter killed her first deer using the same stand that Clarke did around Thanksgiving.

Image courtesy of Trey Williams

The deer was a doe a very proud father can be seen above with Clarke’s sister.