BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — The Let It Slide High School Music Challenge tour is a way to help address kids to help stop the violence.

The program called S.L.I.D.E, standing for Stop Letting Intense Drama Escalate is to teach kids there are ways to be productive than turn to violence.

“Let ’em slide, you know, make it cool, you know? We’re just going to let you slide,” said Executive Director of S.L.I.D.E., Laadonis Williams. “So, you know that’s what we stand for.”

The program created the ‘Let It Slide High School Music Challenge Tour’ going to local high schools. So far, the tour has gone to places like McKinley High School and Capitol Senior High School to help spread the program’s movement.

The movement wants to create a positive atmosphere for the kids in the Baton Rouge area.

Williams says the program is to help “Take control over the negative music and kind of incorporate positive music.”

“The biggest thing about it is the message, you know that is what matters, the music, the message,” said Nathan Johnson, an artist who believes in SL.I.D.E.’s message.

“I went to prison at a young age, 17-18 years old,” says Johnson, making it a priority to help teens stay away from gun violence in the Capitol area once he got out. Johnson adds that “I see what they’re going through, you know, and I pretty much been there.”

To keep the #LetItSlideChallenge continuing strong through donations, the kids have a chance to win $5,000 quarterly and a $25,000 grand prize total.

To find out more information on S.L.I.D.E, click here