BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — While many people are preparing their homes for extreme cold weather, a roadside assistance agency says “don’t forget about your vehicles.”

AAA officials say they expect 102 million people to travel nationwide by car for Christmas and New Year’s.

As Louisiana prepares for freezing temperatures, AAA shares helpful tips for drivers to ensure cars are cold-weather ready. The first recommendation is gas. Don Redman with AAA suggests keeping your gas tank at least halfway full.

“Cause of the condensation that can potentially freeze and cause issues later on,” said Redman.

Other things to cross off on your list are wiper blades, car batteries, jumper cables, and tires. Check your tire pressure and tread on all of your wheels. This includes your spare!

“Use a quarter with George Washington’s face. You need to turn him upside down and stick his head in the tread. And the more of his head that you see… the more worn your tires are,” said Redman.

Safety officials encourage people to pay attention to traffic signage and weather alerts and more importantly, don’t make assumptions about road conditions.

“You may be lulled into a false impression that there is no ice because it hasn’t been on the interstate but then once you hit that bridge you could easily hit that ice,” said Redman.

Millions of people are expected to travel across the state during the holidays. Redman says to be alert behind the wheel.

“If you’re going long distances for the holidays we encourage you to get out every 200 miles because what you want to fight off is drowsy driving. And being tired behind the wheel is an impairment. It slows down your reaction time as if you were impaired on alcohol,” said Redman.

AAA says if you’re traveling between now and New Years’ day, expect longer wait times for roadside assistance.  Safety officials also recommend keeping blankets, water, and snacks in your car.

For additional information and safety tips, visit AAA’s website and have a safe holiday!