BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – With Louisiana’s fall season underway, a number of locals are using their weekends to spend time in the great outdoors and go hunting.

The Louisiana National Guard (LANG) on Saturday (October 15) issued a series of safety measures hunters should apply.

LANG says hunters should:

  • Wear proper clothing. Wear enough cold weather clothing to keep you warm but not sweating. Hunter orange is not required for all game seasons; make sure you know the regulations. Be aware of your hunting partners and their locations.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Ensure you know your target and what is behind it. remember that you are not the only one hunting in the woods.
  • Use stands properly. If using stands for hunting, make sure you wear your safety harness. Never hunt off the ground without one. Ensure climbers have all safety cords, chains, etc., attached. They came with all the safety “stuff” for a reason. Do not remove them. Ensure ladder stands are tight against the tree and that steps are in good shape. Ensure lock-ons are compressed against the tree, and the “steps” or “ladders” used are in good working condition, tight and secure against the tree, and all steps are serviceable.
  • Be cautious when cleaning game. When cleaning game, make sure you have the proper equipment. Small game can be challenging to clean sometimes, so be very careful. Bones are bigger and more complex in larger game, so make sure the equipment you are using is made for that. Wear gloves if possible, and be aware of your partner if someone is helping you clean the animal.

LANG adds that, “Every game season has different rules and regulations, and every hunter uses different hunting styles and techniques. Whether you are hunting squirrels, rabbits, or deer, remember that safety is always the #1 priority.”

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