A Baton Rouge man faces a second degree murder charge for his suspected involvement in a November shooting near Tigerland that turned deadly.

Baton Rouge police arrested 31-year-old Donavon Cortez Jefferson of 8123 Skysail Ave. Tuesday for allegedly killing 41-year-old Derek Jones on Nov. 6, according to BRPD Sgt. L’Jean McKneely Jr.

When officers were dispatched to 1155 Jim Taylor Drive around 2:00 a.m. that morning, they found shell casings outside Jones’ apartment and bullet holes in the front window, an affidavit reveals.

A witness told officers that earlier in the evening, Jefferson came to the apartment to sell someone meth.

That’s when Jones reportedly questioned Jefferson about stealing a friend’s handgun before holding Jefferson at gunpoint with both a handgun and a shotgun. Jones took the handgun Jefferson had, as well as other items from him, before forcing Jefferson to leave the apartment.

A second witness said Jefferson was upset about getting robbed, and Jefferson later returned to Jones’ apartment with two unknown people. Multiple gunshots were heard shortly after Jefferson returned to the apartment, and someone fitting his description was then seen fleeing the area on foot.

Those gunshots killed Jones, and a detective noted that Jones had three firearms with him when he died.

A third witness told detectives that Jefferson called him after the shooting and confessed to killing Jefferson. Detectives looked through Jefferson’s phone records and confirmed that Jefferson did call the witness as stated, according to the affidavit.

Jefferson denied knowing Jones, ever being at Jones’ residence or being near Tigerland around the time of the killing.

Jefferson said he hadn’t been in the area of Jones’ apartment for months, but BRPD used Jefferson’s phone records to confirm that he was in the immediate area of Jones’ apartment about an hour and a half before the shooting, the affidavit reveals.