The former police chief of Kaplan is in trouble with a judge tonight. 

According to public records, former Kaplan Police Chief Boyd Adams failed to appear in court last week on charges of malfeasance in office and other felony charges.

The judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

In September 2017, Boyd Adams was arrested by State Police and charged with theft of over $5,000 and malfeasance in office. 

At the time, State Police were contacted by authorities to investigate a complaint that the former chief was stealing from the police department.

During that investigation, detectives discovered Adams was unable to provide receipts or records documenting his spending of over $19,000. Investigators at the time say Adams did use nearly $7,000 for personal expenses.

Public records obtained by News 10 today show Adams pled not guilty to the charges two years ago.

After two years of delays, Adams’ trial was supposed to start on Monday, January 13.

Adams failed to show up in court for his felony trial. That is when Judge Edward Broussard issued the bench warrant.

As of today, Adams has still not turned himself in.
Law enforcement officials say they have not yet received or executed the warrant.