BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office has been limited with body armor because of budget cuts. The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance has awarded them a grant in order to help.

“We’ve seen that it doesn’t take but just a split second,” explained Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Bobby Webre.

Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office says they have seen a spike in crime, which means more body armor is needed and the ones they do have are worn out. “Actually bulletproof vests, they do have an end date. So, they are only good for about five years because you wear them so much, you can wear them down,” Sheriff Webre said.

The Department of Justice awarded them more than $29,000 to help with this issue. “It’s important that we keep these deputies protected as much as we can,” Webre stated.

Sheriff Webber says this is his top priority — making sure his men feel safe. “Like I said, this gives the deputy the confidence to get out there on the streets and do his job and do it well,” he continued.

More than 150 officers will be able to receive new bulletproof vests. Sheriff Webber says when deputies feel safe, the community can feel safe.