Ask the Doc: What to know as phase two is extended


Question: What is the concern with the 18-29 age group making up the most number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Louisiana?

Answer: I think, Gerron, because they don’t have a lot of symptoms. They can be either pre-symptomatic, having some mild symptoms (sore throat, cough, not a fever and chills, but feel totally fine, like a cold) or they cane be asymptomatic altogether. They’re gathering in places and spreading it amongst each other and what do they do? They go back to their homes, to their families and friends and they spread it to other individuals. We talked about incubation periods a long time ago, we don’t even know the actual true incubation period. We thought it was 2-14 days, it could be a lot longer than that. So theses young people are infected with the virus, they have no symptoms, they spread it to other folks, so now we’re seeing a rise in numbers and unfortunately, we are seeing a few increases in hospitalizations across the state. That’s a little scary because the worst thing that we want is to have another total shut down and slow down our economy. We know that by testing, contact tracing and quarantining individuals who are infected with the virus, we can slow the spread of the virus.

Question: Now we know that phase two will be extended an extra 28 days at least, lasting through July 24. What need to happen in phase two to make sure that we can actually move forward come July 24?

Answer: I think from the Governor’s Office, they’re going to have a more hands-on approach. I think some of our institutions are not truly following the rules of hase two and so there are more people gathering that shouldn’t be. We’ve got to really enforce those rules, people have to wear their masks, we’ve got to use those same mitigation efforts that we’ve been talking about; masking up, hand washing, social distancing, avoiding non-essential travel and I think some people just got very laxed about it.

Question: Do you think we need a face mask requirement?

Answer: I wear a face mask, I think that face masks should be mandatory in certain settings. I do see people wearing face masks in their cars by themselves, or when they’re out walking- I think there just needs to be clarity on who and when and where we should wear a mask.

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