BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — A new report shows Louisiana is losing state revenue because electrical vehicles are in high demand.

On Wednesday, the state’s electric vehicle task force discussed how to make up for that loss.

According to the report, with more people choosing electric cars, the state’s funds for roads and bridges could drop by $564 million over the next 10 years. Part of this loss is because fewer people will pay the gas tax. 

Members of the electrical vehicle task force suggested considering raising the gas tax. State leaders say the tax has not been changed since 1990.

The audit shows the state’s gas tax already doesn’t provide enough to meet needs.

Act 578 allows the state to collect an annual road fee of $110 for all electrical vehicles and $60 for hybrid vehicles. The task force also discussed raising the annual fee for hybrid and electric vehicles. According to the report, doing that could make up for the loss.

“We don’t take funding for infrastructure seriously, whether that’s being more efficient with the funds that we currently collect or looking at other creative avenues like a lot of other states have done recently to increase that funding,” said Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Patrick McMath.

Wednesday, the state also announced that two facilities in Louisiana will receive more than $300 million for making electric vehicle batteries. This means Louisiana will supply over 2 million electric vehicles annually.

Senator Bill Cassidy says this is great news.

“This will make batteries produced in the United States more competitive worldwide along the way, employing lots of folks here in Louisiana. Good for our state. Good for our nation,” Cassidy said.

Members of the task force say they will continue to work on funding as more people choose to drive electrical cars.

The audit can be viewed here.