Backwater flooding washes up coffin


WARREN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) —  Flooding has displaced hundreds of people, wildlife and it’s also displaced a coffin. A homeowner found the coffin floating in the backwater flooding Thursday.

WJTV 12 spoke with a family member of the woman in the coffin.

“I watch the cemeteries over and over again every day,” Herbert William said.

It wasn’t that long ago that William was laying his sister Gloria to rest in the cemetery at Evergreen Baptist Church.

“The coffin was put in in ’15,” William said. “If water sits on something that long regardless of what’s what, eventually it’s going to give.”

But now William will have to bury his sister for a second time because backwater flooding uprooted the coffin.

“This water has been on the cemetery and in the church ever since Feb. 28,” William said.

Gloria’s casket was floating along the floodwaters when Warren County homeowner Mike Brown unsuspectingly spotted it.

“I’m only seven miles from the gates and where the pumps would be located, and so I get more water than anybody,” Brown said. “Everybody’s water’s gotta come through here. I’m at the end of the bathtub.”

Although William is thankful to Brown, they both agree something has to be done.

“I think they can really see how it hurts the human life more than it can the wild life,” Brown said. “And so what comes first?”

“It’s a blessing in disguise but the bottom line is God letting us know he’s still in charge,” William said.

It could take another couple of months for all of the water to be gone so people can start cleaning up.


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