“I think they are good in a sense but sometimes, you kind of get screwed over.”

“I don’t really like them.”

“I think it’s not fair.”

That’s the reaction of many Baton Rouge residents who said, traffic cameras are a nuisance.

“I saw a flash and sure enough, a month later I got a letter in the mail.”

Earlier this week, the Louisiana Supreme Court denied an appeal to throw out a lawsuit. The suit argues, the city has illegally collected and converted millions of dollars in red light enforcement ordnance fines.

“That’s going to be a great thing if they outlaw them because of those little loopholes that happen. I think it’s a terrible thing that they have these up here micromanaging everybody” said Derek James

In a statement, East Baton Rouge Parish said,

“This is not a ruling, this is a motion that didn’t go our way. The lawsuit is not by any means over and we are not going to say much about it pending litigation.”

Mark Armstrong

While the lawsuit works its way through the court system. People said, the city-parish should listen to what the constituents are saying.

“We need them to go away.”

“Do away with them.”

“Get rid of these things, it’ll make everyone’s life a lot easier.”