Baton Rouge, La (BRPROUD) Baton Rouge General is launching The Healthy Men Project to encourage men ages 30-50 to be more proactive about their health and set goals that work for them. The new campaign kicks off July 24 at BRG’s Bluebonnet campus from 8-11 a.m. The free event will combine the “need-to-do” tasks like health screenings and Ask the Expert stations with some “fun-to-do” stuff, including climbing demos, bloody Mary and vodka tastings, putting and batting contests, and more.

“We know that men tend to delay seeking healthcare and ignore their symptoms, so just thinking and talking about their health is a huge first step for a lot of men,” said Dr. Benjamin Levron. “Joining The Healthy Men Project is not just about lowering your blood pressure or losing a few pounds. There are a lot of ways to start making healthier choices, like drinking less alcohol, checking in on your mental health or investing in a treadmill.”

Men who attend the kick-off event will have several opportunities to check in on their health:

  • Cholesterol, Glucose and Blood Pressure Test
  • Skin Spot Check
  • Grip Strength and Balance Assessments
  • Body Fat % Scale and Waist Circumference Check
  • Ask the Experts: sports medicine, primary care, robotic surgery, family medicine, urgent care, cardiology, oncology
  • Create your ideal hydration/IV therapy “cocktail” card
  • Proper shoe fittings

To learn more about the initiative or to sign up, click here.