BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Baton Rouge law enforcement leaders are still discussing the issues of violent crime in the capital city. This time, they’re talking about young people in our community.

The discussion was held at the 10th annual ICRIME summit, an annual event for leaders to talk about prevention, education and advocacy among different topics.

Baton Rouge Police Chief of Staff Myron Daniels says drugs in schools have become a trend. He’s calling on educators and parents to be informed on how accessible fentanyl is.

“How many of you will believe there is fentanyl in marijuana?” asked Daniels. “I will tell you I am terrified of it.”

According to the CDC, in recent years the leading cause of death among teens was gun violence. Daniels says more parents need to talk about gun safety — especially if one is kept in the home.

“You have to talk about what a bullet can do and then if they understand the dangers of them you can then start educating them on the weapon itself,” said Daniels.

Aishala Burgess works for the East Baton Rouge District Attorney. She says there is a lack of counselors to help children experiencing trauma. She is asking the community to step up.

“A lot of our teenagers have taken the role of parent,” said Burgess. “A lot of our kids, a lot of the behaviors are a manifestation of something else and it is just one question away from finding out what that is.”

Local leaders encourage parents to get more involved with their child’s school. They say know what’s happening every day and simply have the conversation.