DENHAM SPRINGS, La. (BRPROUD)- It’s usually the bride who show’s off her wedding ring, but this couple reversed the roles.

Christopher Hawkins from Baton Rouge took to Facebook to show off his wedding band in a series of photos. Quickly, the social media post went viral as people appreciated the groom appreciating his band.

“I saw a lot of women tagging their man and was like ‘you better act like this’,” Chris said. “So I think I got a lot of dudes in trouble.”

Shieka, Chris’s wife says it’s Christopher’s humor which keeps their love alive.

“When I saw the post I was just laughing,” said Shieka. “It was a change in the dynamic, like he said a lot of women do it and guys don’t normal do it [show off their ring].”

The couple have been together for seven years and tied the knot one month ago.

The Hawkins shared their own advice on love.

“Patience. You have to have a lot of patience,” Shieka said. “Never go to bed mad.”

“If you’re feeling any type of way about anything, address it,” Chris said.

Below is a link to the Hawkins wedding video. Courtesy of Marquise Dickerson.