BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – The new year brought a new song and maybe not from someone you might expect.

Father Josh Johnson, pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, and his brother released a music video called, “I Need You Now.” Father Josh’s brother is Matt Johnson, who goes by the rap name “Sicka Sin.”

Matt has been in the game for more than 20 years. For around half of that time, he’s called himself a Christian rapper, and this was his first collaboration with his brother. He called it an amazing experience.

The music video was released Jan. 2, a year and a day after “Flawless Victory” album debut, which included the song, “I Need You Now.”

So how and why did these brothers pair up to make the video?

Their journeys started at different times. Father Josh says his love of Jesus Christ started in 2004 while Matt converted almost a decade later. They shared faith and a desire to collaborate.

The opportunity came when Matt started creating something for them to work on.

“Shortly after I came up with that concept, and wrote the song, ‘I Need You Now,’ I instantly could picture and hear Josh on the chorus singing his part and so I reached out to him & told him ‘I think we got one,'” Matt said.

The Baton Rouge priest said he immediately knew he wanted to work with his brother on the project.

It was a way for Father Josh to connect the church to the community. Since joining the clergy, Father Josh has worked with congregations at Christ the King at LSU, St. Aloysius, Holy Rosary in St. Amant, and Sacred Heart of Jesus. One of his biggest goals is to bring the “church, school, and neighborhood community together.”

Knowing that many of his church’s neighbors are immersed in hip-hop culture, Father Josh thought it would be a good idea to film the video inside the sanctuary.

Father Josh said, “My hope is that the young people in our neighborhood will hear the song, watch the music video, and be inspired to take time during their day to sit with Jesus in the quiet of our beautiful church.”