BATON ROUGE, La. (LOCAL 33)( FOX 44) – Around this time last year Darryl Boudreaux and his friends were right in the thick of it. As they’d watch the wearing of the green parade roll under the overpass but today that’s not the case.

“We got the parade canceled,and we had a lot of people ready to have fun we had a house party lined up,” Boudreaux says.

Officials canceled the st. Patrick’s day parade Thursday after the number of presumptive COVID-19 cases increased again. That left businesses struggling to recoup lost income and families like Boudreaux’s without a long-standing tradition. So he decided to create a new one.

“We’re doing a little pub-crawl with a bus coming and we’re excited about it,” Boudreaux says.

Boudreaux and his group of cronies are heading through the streets of baton rouge in a party bus. Before getting on each member has to swallow their weight in green jello shots in the spirit of tradition.

When it comes to safety these guys all already prepared with everything they could think of. There’s plenty of hand sanitizer to go around and loads and loads of Clorox.