BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – A Baton Rouge woman is facing life behind bars for the alleged murder of her boyfriend in 2015. Meshell Hale is believed to be responsible for her husband’s death as well but hasn’t been charged.

Hale is on trial for first-degree murder after allegedly poisoning her live-in boyfriend, Damian Skipper.

The prosecutor said Hale allegedly purchased a deadly chemical called barium acetate using her pay pall account. In opening statements Monday, Assistant District Attorney Dana Cummings said that there was evidence that Hale searched for the chemical on the home computer as well. This caused Skipper to be in and out of the hospital with severe stomach problems. In June 2015 on his way to the hospital yet again with GI problems he passed away. His death was initially not ruled a homicide, and his family was told that he had a heart attack. An autopsy was not performed before he was buried. Skipper’s family had suspicious about his death saying he was a healthy man. Hale then falsely claimed to be his wife to collect his life insurance money.

But his death wouldn’t be investigated for at least a year until after what was left of Hale’s husband’s body was found in his truck that was engulfed in flames.

In 2016, Hale’s husband, Arthur Noflin Jr. was complaining of severe stomach pain similar to Damian Skipper’s, according to the prosecution. But instead of meeting the same fate as Hale’s other romantic partner, his body was found burnt beyond recognition in his truck. That’s when detectives decided to take a closer look at Skipper’s death. Dana said in court that his body was exhumed, and barium acetate was found in his system.

Hale is out on bond and Monday’s hearing was delayed because she arrived late at the courthouse. Family members for both men filled the prosecutor’s side of the courtroom. It did not appear that anyone was in the courtroom supporting Hale.