LARKSPUR, Colo. (KDVR) — Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers say a bear got trapped inside a car for at least an hour after it broke in on Tuesday.

CPW said the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office helped a wildlife officer get the bear out of the vehicle and release it back into the wild.

“Unfortunately, these photos serve as a reminder that if you are in bear country, you need to lock your car doors and keep it clean of all attractants,” said CPW.

Wildlife officers said there was a case of beer in the backseat of the vehicle when the bear broke in.

“Our wildlife officer said the box was mangled but he did not think the bear opened any cans,” said a CPW spokesperson. “They were mostly still in the box.”

Bear breaks into Larkspur, Colorado car. Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife

There were 484 vehicle break-ins by bears between 2019-2020, according to CPW.

“If they find food near homes, camp​grounds, vehicles, or communities, they’ll come back for more,” CPW said. “Bears will work hard to get the calories they need, and can easily damage property, vehicles, and homes.”