BATON ROUGE, LA. (BRPROUD) — After recent crime activity in the Baton Rouge community, the Baton Rouge Police Department hosted a community walk and talk event. 

The walk took place at Province Place where there is a high Hispanic population. Walter Arauz was sitting on his porch, and said he feels safe knowing that the police department is taking their time to meet and talk to them. 

“Citizen of the city I feel good at the spot that I am. For having more security with the events that have happened here in the community. It’s good that they are visiting us, let’s say twice a week, locally so we have more security,” said Arauz in Spanish. 

Sgt. Darren Ahmed said this is an important task that the police department has been focusing on, and it all comes down to their mission of having a connection with the overall Baton Rouge area. This task is done to “not only to build the trust within the community that we walk in, but also to build these relationships with these high crime areas and hopes that our investigators can continue to gain more information on some things that may happen,” Ahmed said. 

Ahmed also says the walk is timely with the recent crime and Memorial Day coming up, which reinforced the need to go out and talk to the neighborhood. 

“We are public servants, no matter what type of area it is, whether it’s a lower middle or higher tax bracket area, we still want to build those reports and those great relationships with these people,” Ahmed said. 

He also says that the community must remember that they need to work as a team, especially to keep the community safe.