BRUSLY, La. (BRPROUD) – Nadia LaBauve is a student in West Baton Rouge Parish.

LaBauve garners this week’s student spotlight as an exemplary eleventh grade scholar at Brusly High School.

The Brusly junior has been a member of the band and volleyball team since arriving at the school.

Band Director Alyxis Mayeaux says, “Nadia is a fantastic student! She has a great attitude and always pushes herself to excel in the classroom and with band and volleyball.”

The Brusly junior’s favorite teacher is Ms. Templet.

Nadia enjoys Ms. Templet’s class “because she not only makes English class seem personal and enjoyable, but somehow is able to make the material and people relatable. She is able to help you understand the inner thoughts of a person not from this period of time and relate them to our own.”

LaBauve was born and raised in Brusly and her favorite subject is math.

The 11th grader loves the subject “in general because the feeling of being able to put so much work into a problem and receive an answer that is not necessarily final and still has so many other analytical thinking opportunities that can lead one into a whole new chance to explore limits of one’s mind.”

Nadia has many hobbies including reading, writing, driving, playing volleyball, playing the trumpet, and most of all, spending time with those she loves.

When asked about what it is like going to school during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nadia said, “Going to school during the Covid -19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone in the world but I do believe that most of the long term effects may be on those like myself in middle to high school considering the drastic change in our lives during what many consider to be the most important years of our lives as far as growth and change. I would also say that the changes in the world have also caused me to put health and life above everything else in understanding that life is a privilege not a right.”

Nadia LaBauve is considering studying Chemical Engineering at LSU.