Buc-ee’s, a popular gas station and rest stop chain in Texas decided not to go forward with opening the first location outside of Texas at the Greens at Millerville, The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report said Tuesday.
According to the GBR Business Report, the developer, Windy Gladney, said that Buc-ee’s corporate office notified him late last week that they were terminating the purchase agreement to buy the site at the intersection of Interstate 12 and Millerville Road.
“I’m sad for Baton Rouge,” Gladney told the GBRBR. “We did everything they needed, and everything was ready for them to go.”
GBR BR reported that Gladney said he is disappointed that so much time and effort went into trying to make the project happen, and frustrated that he can’t get a straight answer from Buc-ee’s officials as to why they decided not to move into Louisiana.
“They said they couldn’t get everything lined up in the state of Louisiana,” Gladney told the GBR BR. “They’re trying to blame it on us. They’re playing their cards very close to their vest.”