CARENCRO, La. (KLFY) – The City of Carencro held its swearing-in of city officials ceremony on Monday. Charlotte Stemmans Clavier will be the city’s new mayor.

In 1998, Clavier begin a term serving as the city’s Mayor Pro-Tem.  During her campaign, she spoke about how Carencro’s growth is outpacing the city’s infrastructure.

“Carencro is growing by leaps and bounds,” Clavier said. “One of the biggest project we have going on is the new sewer plant that we need to accommodate the growth. There’s 1,000 houses on the books now for the city of Carencro.”

Clavier said she has lived in Carencro her entire life. She’s a graduate from Tulane University.

“I said I’m gonna come home and work for my parents for a couple years, get some experience and then get a real job,” Clavier said. “I never left. In fact I’m still running that business; and now I’m the mayor. I love my little town. I’m excited to do this. It’s a change. It’s a challenge.”

Clavier vowed to maintain a sharp eye for detail when it comes to the management of city money.

“This the people’s money,” Clavier said. “I mean it’s not mine. It belongs to the people. We need to make best use of the city’s resources for our citizens.”

Also, city council and police chief, who was re-elected as chief, were sworn in.