LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Somehow one Alabama kitty made the long trek from Birmingham to southern Nevada in one piece, and now her owners hope to bring her back home.

In December 2021, Raven the cat disappeared from her Birmingham home.

“We searched and searched and could not find her,” said Tracy Cost, Raven’s owner.

The loss of Raven, who Cost had housed since the cat was a few days old, was gut-wrenching for her.

“I went out every day searching for her,” Cost said. “I thought I was never going to find her again.”

But nearly 2,000 miles away, Raven was getting help from a family in North Las Vegas. Elizabeth McGloin found the kitty in her neighborhood. Knowing that someone somewhere was missing their cat, McGloin was hopeful that Raven had a microchip that would lead to a quick drive home. After a scan, McGloin discovered that Raven’s drive home wouldn’t be speedy but would last approximately 26 hours instead.

After 14 months, Raven the cat's voyage ended in Las Vegas after nearly 2,000 miles.
After 14 months, Raven the cat’s voyage ended in Las Vegas after nearly 2,000 miles. (KLAS)

Back in Birmingham, Cost got the call for which she had desperately hoped.

“I can’t believe she was alive,” Cost said.

After her 14-month expedition, both Cost and McGloin had questions about how Raven’s incredible journey took place. Cost posits that Raven might have hitched a ride from a nearby truck stop.

“It looks like she was in an engine when somebody started it and her ear may have been burnt,” McGloin said.

Now Cost and McGloin are hoping that Raven will be homeward bound. The kitty needs transport back to Alabama. Organizations or individuals willing to help send Raven home are asked to contact 8 News Now.