Governor John Bel Edwards received an honor Monday for his administration’s work in combating drug abuse and promoting treatment across Louisiana.

During its Voices for Recovery celebration and fundraiser, the Cenikor Foundation presented Governor Edwards as its elected official of the year. The non-profit group provides rehabilitation programs for individuals working to free themselves from substance abuse.

Governor Edwards noted that since Medicaid expanded in the state, more than 30,000 people have received in-patient or outpatient treatment for subtance abuse. 

“And the truth is, there’s no family of any size who doesn’t have at least one family member who suffers from some addiction disorder or substance abuse issue,” Edwards said. “So to have Cenikor here making sure that treatment is available for more people and bring in awareness, and really try to destigmatize addiction disorder, I think is incredibly important.”

Bill Bailey, Cenikor’s President added, “The funds that we raise here tonight will help us reach out to more individuals that are seeking treatment. And provide those to them. And also to help through the services we provide of job training, education and family reunification.” 

Since opening in Baton Rouge in 2001, Cenikor has assited more than 6,000 people in receiving life-saving treatment.