CENTRAL, La. (BRPROUD) – The City-Parish ordinance states that Hooper Road Park closes at sunset.

With that in mind, a vehicle was seen in the park after closing time on Sunday, October 16, by a Central Police Department officer.

That vehicle was considered suspicious and the officer proceeded to investigate.

The “officer noticed an odor associated with narcotics consumption,” according to the Central Police Department.

The unidentified suspect was then searched by the officer.

These items were seized by the officer:

  • Thirty-eight grams of marijuana
  • THC in wax form
  • Small quantity of suspected powder cocaine
  • Glock 9mm handgun equipped with a laser sight

The suspect was subsequently arrested and booked into prison.

That suspect was charged with “Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substances, Schedules I and II, Illegal Carrying of Weapons, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia,” according to the Central Police Department.