CENTRAL, La. (BRPROUD) — Mayor David Barrow and Councilman Wade Evans are facing off for the Central mayoral race.

“We have a lot more to do in our city,” said Barrow.

“I believe we should put the money that we take from taxpayers back into commerce fixing the problem that they all face,” said Evans.

David Barrow has served as mayor for four years now. He says he is seeking re-election because of his commitment to the city of Central.

“A lot of citizens across the city want to see things continue moving forward the way we’ve done the last four years,” Barrow said.

Barrow is challenged by Central councilmember at large Wade Evans.

“I don’t think enough progress has been made,” said Evans.

Working on drainage is at the top of Evan’s to-do list.

“The biggest thing I plan on doing is implementing a workable drainage plan,” he said. “It’s a tiered system. Basically, Central is a very large area, 62.8 square miles, I think, and broken central up into manageable grids.”

Mayor Barrow says he’s currently working on 25 city-wide road projects including street repairs. He plans to continue this work if re-elected. 

“We’re building a whole brand new road. These streets were very old and needed rehab. And this is part of our 2022 asphalt rehab program,” said the current mayor.

Barrow wants to pay more attention to the steady population growth and what kind of changes that calls for.

“As people come, businesses will come. They don’t want us to get too big that we lose our identity more than we have. So we’re getting that balance and I think we’re doing a good job of it too, you know, keep people happy and, you know, control,” he said.

Evans says during his time on council, he pushed for revamping development codes and working on solutions for flooding. He says his time on the council gives him a better understanding of what the people need. 

“I’ve built bridges with all the voters and I do listen,” Evan said. “Don’t dare make eye contact with me at Walmart, if we have a contentious issue that I want your input on, I’m going to talk to you about it.”

Election Day is November 8th.

Residents are reminded to bring an ID with them to vote (Louisiana driver’s license, Louisiana Special ID card, a generally recognized picture identification card with name and signature such as a passport, or a digital license via LA Wallet).

Polling locations can be found here.