HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — This Christmas, a dog from Hamden survived a scary poisoning that could have been fatal.

On Wednesday, the Rossetti family’s cat got out of the house, and when they came back inside after retrieving the pet, they came across a horrible scene: their 80-lb. purebred yellow Labrador on her side, frothing from the mouth.

The Rossettis quickly jumped into action once they realized their dog, Daisy, had eaten an almost-full container of Mentos chewing gum. The gum contained the chemical Xylitol; one piece could kill a small dog, and Daisy had just eaten over 40 pieces.

Shortly after, the family arrived at the animal hospital, and while Daisy was still conscious, the Rossettis said she was barely breathing.

Luckily, doctors were able to save Daisy’s life. She stayed in the hospital for three days — her longest time away from home — so that doctors could stabilize her sugar and test her kidneys.

Now, the Rossettis will have the best present they could ask for: Daisy home for Christmas.

See the video of the Rosetti family reuniting with Daisy below: