NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Gary and Sandra Fidelman met on a blind date while they were in college, and they’ve been together every since. As time passes, their love continues to grow.

“Every year I’m just fascinated by my wife, and as she gets older and ripens, she just become more beautiful,” said Gary Fidelman.

They came to New Orleans from Houston to celebrate a milestone, but their celebration quickly turned into a nightmare.

The Fidelmans came to New Orleans to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, but when they got to Magazine Street their car was stolen, and inside of that car were irreplaceable pictures from their wedding day.

The Fidelmans say they were carjacked while parking near Le Bon Temps Roule bar on Magazine Street Saturday afternoon, which was also Gary’s birthday.

“All of the sudden, I heard the tires screeching and I see the car in zooming down the street with the back lid open… the hatchback open, and all of our possessions are dropping on the street,” said Sandra Fidelman.

The Fidelman’s 2014 Toyota Highlander.

Gary fell and busted his elbow as he was trying to hold onto the car door. He was able to grab a bag with his diabetes medication and credit cards, but everything else is gone, including their wedding album.

“All of our family and friends who were at the wedding, where you have an individual picture, those are all gone. And a lot of those people aren’t alive anymore. So, that’s why that’s such a treasure,” said Sandra.

The Fidelmans were excited to recreate one specific picture, one with their hands from their wedding day.
Now, they’re in shock and still trying to figure out why someone would do this.

“[I’m] concerned about the boy who felt he needed to do that, and if he had a chance to see what it did to us, would he have done it still?” asked Gary.

The Fidelman’s on their wedding day on June 20, 1971. This is the picture that’s on the back trail hitch of their call.

Witnesses say the suspect was in his teens to early 20’s, about 5-foot-5 with dreadlocks.