BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Police say investigations into drag racing in Baton Rouge haven’t stopped after more activity popped up last weekend.

During questioning after a police press conference Wednesday morning, Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul said many suspects were arrested in the weeks and months following the last drag racing investigations. He said “organized, coordinated events” have moved to various locations in and out of city limits since then.

“It’s, unfortunately, we have a group of individuals who think that this is a game, who are doing things like that for social media to get likes,” said Paul.

The most notable races this year happened after the Garth Brooks concert on College Drive near I-10. Police said arrests were made, vehicles were towed, weapons were seized and citations were issued afterward.

According to BRPD Uniform Patrol Commander William Clarida, the night of Saturday, Dec. 17 was the first instance of it happening since August, the same month the metro council toughened penalties.

Metro council members approved a new ordinance that increased fines from $500 to $1,000 and made it possible for drag racing offenders to be jailed from 10 to 90 days.

Clarida said on Saturday night into Sunday morning officers received 11 calls about races — all of which were responded to within five minutes. He added that some events were bordering city limits.

“As far as the drag racing events, we never stopped monitoring them but like anything else you have to kinda change and try to determine how they are communicating and what they’re putting out which, in this case, we didn’t have anything come up on the radar,” said Clarida.

Paul said the police department will continue to investigate these cases with the sheriff’s office.