POINTE COUPEE PARISH, La. (BRPROUD) — Back in the 1700s, the False River, was originally part of the Mississippi River. Today, its considered an oxbow lake, filled with rich culture and history.

The False River has been cherished by many community members of Pointe Coupee Parish, outside of Louisiana’s capital city. The U-shape of the lake has left many questions over the years, but it was formed naturally.

The correct name for the ‘False River’ is called oxbow lake. The Lake is a 22-mile bend from the Mississippi River.

The False River area offers fun and adventurous activities for residents and visitors, such as biking, boating, fishing, and paddling.

The City of New Roads is one of the oldest settlements along the Mississippi River. It was established by European colonists and is known for the oldest Mardi Gras celebration outside of New Orleans each Shrove Tuesday.

False River is most famous for its Fourth of July boat parades. Every year, the city decides a theme, and the judges choose the best decorated contestant.

If you plan to visit the lake for an outdoors adventure outdoors or the city for somewhere new to wine and dine, be sure to check for festivals.