DENHAM SPRINGS, La. (BRPROUD)– The city of Denham Springs is rapidly growing which means new residential development, however, this new project is causing a stir.

Off of Meadowbrook Boulevard in Denham Springs and right behind some homes is where developers are looking is to build a new subdivision called Frenchtowne At Meadowbrook.

Plans for Frenchtowne at Meadowbrook

This subdivision will hold nearly 100 homes, potentially affecting three areas: Meadowbrook Boulevard, Jason Drive, and Willow Pointe subdivision.

Denham Springs resident Twyler Williams said they are looking at using current highways and roads and cutting in and around these three subdivisions.

Concerns arose over the impact this project will have on the community.

Plans for Frenchtowne at Meadowbrook

Meadowbrook Resident Calvin Nicholas said, “Now you’re about to build a new subdivision with new codes which is going to permit flooding again with even moderate rain.”

These codes require new homes to be built higher which could cause runoff waters down to existing neighborhoods.

“They are outsiders coming in, making money and they are going to be gone while the residents of Denham Springs are flooded,” said Williams.

More houses also meant more people.

Willow Pointe Resident Russell Johnson said, “I think there’s going to be a lot more traffic on the roads and right now I don’t think our systems are updated enough to be able to handle it.”

Some believe growth is good but with the right precautions.

“It is their obligation to make sure our surrounding systems can handle this impact,” said Johnson.

Residents are calling on their local leaders for support.

“I’m hoping that when they hear our voice that they go and reconsider developing that subdivision,” said Nicholas.

This project will hit planning and zoning at 6 p.m. at Denham Springs City Hall Monday night. If it passes it will move on to the city council on July 13.