BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Starting in high school, football players can experience 1500 hits per season. That number increases by more than nine percent if they continue to play college football, according to National Football League.

The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. All are known to happen in football. But with those highs and lows to come injuries. “You might get head trauma, you might get injured, you know, obviously hips and knees and joints everywhere. So no matter how well you prepare, how well the helmets are there, this is a physical game. So, of course, injuries will happen,” explained Dr. Pavan Malur, a cardiologist at Ochsner.

Malur says what caused Damar Hamlin to go into cardiac arrest remains unclear, it’s not uncommon for those that play sports – especially football.

“You know, age 13 through 18. That’s probably one of the leading causes of injury or possibly even death in these younger athletes. Commotio Cordis, which is an arrhythmia that occurs through the heart when you have blunt force trauma that happens in plays such as this,” he continued.

Dr. Geoffrey Hogan, with Oschner Sports Medicine, says everyone’s body is different meaning some people can take more hits than others. The only way to prevent this from happening to you is by having all the resources on standby.

“Making sure we have qualified athletic trainers and medical staff as much as we can, making sure our coaches have proper training in CPR and basic life support because it really is something like this happens. We need to start that care and start that emergency action plan immediately,” he explained.