DARROW, La. (BRPROUD) – Many areas in Louisiana are experiencing strong winds, severe drought, and extensive heat that is leading to fires.

According to our Chief Meteorologist Ashley Ruiz, weather conditions right now are “very dry.”

She also says that areas, like Baton Rouge, experience more rainfall during this season. However, we are behind this year.

On Thursday, the city of Darrow experienced a grass fire that got out of hand. The field fire was next to Word of Life Church, and they are now rebuilding the field.

Just like many other rural areas, the Darrow community is used to chopping up the land, burning it on purpose, and ranking the soil for crops to grow.

“By the time we get here with the water, you know, and the wind is blowing so strong,” said the St. Amant Fire Department Chief James LeBlanc.

LeBlanc says that they have been experiencing more strong winds in the area.

He says no one was harmed after the fire was contained. The chief asks says that anyone is planning on burning pastures, “just be prepared.”

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