On a Sunday night in Baton Rouge, John Schneider walked through the doors of the Celebrity Theater and so started the world premiere of his new movie, Christmas Cars.

Schneider wrote, directed and starred in the movie which sees him get behind the wheel of the General Lee again.

The stars of the film walked down the red carpet and spoke about the “semi-true story based on events in Schneider’s real life and career.”

One example of how the movie took from Schneider’s life was his journey and recovery from the 2016 floods.

The entire movie was filmed in Livingston Parish except for the shots inside of the theatre.

The shots of the theatre were filmed in Baton Rouge where the film debuted on Sunday night.

Starts in the film include Mindy Anderson, Billy Slaughter, Scott Innis, Chase Bernard, Jackson Pierce, Jency Griffin, Lorelei Linklater and Elijah Evans.