BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)– During Wednesday’s East Baton Rouge metro council meeting, councilmembers heard from city officials for the first time in regards to an NDA and stormwater utility fee.

Councilmembers questioned Sharon Weston Broome as well as parish attorneys Andy Dotson and Bob Abbott.

For weeks, Mayor Broome said the city had to sign an NDA with federal officials related to the stormwater plan. Broome later said she was misinformed by parish attorneys. Broome says she is not proud of the miscommunication and wants the council to consider giving her, her own executive council.

“While I have great respect for Andy Dotson, the truth of the matter is that most mayors have their own executive council.”

Councilmember Cleve Dunn pushed for an emergency item that would open discussion about Dotson’s role and possibly remove him from his position. That item failed but will be reintroduced and heard in about four weeks.

Some councilmembers say they were misinformed by Dotson about signing an NDA.

Dotson and Abbott have said they believe Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Kelvin Hill did not interpret the NDA correctly and misinformed city leaders and councilmembers. Hill recently resigned from his position.

“I suspect and I don’t want to make speculations but I suspect, it was provided to the higher-ups to the administration, what was told and how it was told, I don’t know that,” said Dotson.

Councilwoman Laurie Adams and five other council members submitted a public records request to the city regarding emails and documents discussing the stormwater fee. Adams says she wants to get to the bottom of this.

“I think tonight was hopefully the beginning of transparency I don’t we got all the answers but I think we began,” said Adams. “I want to understand why I felt misled and didn’t feel like I had the information that I needed for both the stormwater district and fee.”

Mayor Broome says there is a deadline with federal officials to come up with a stormwater plan by mid-January. But, some council members say Congressman Garret Graves has informed the council that this is not true.

After the discussion, the council voted down the utility fee. However, It’s still unclear how the city will tackle the stormwater issue.