BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)–The price to get your trash picked up may soon cost you more. The East Baton Rouge Metro council is looking to renew their contract with Republic Services, that includes when and how much that will cost.

The current monthly fee is $23.

The options include:

  • Trash collections only once a week, which would be a $5.50 increase in comparison the current fee.
  • Continue collection twice a week, but increase the fee by $15. Residents will have the option for an additional can for a $7 fee. That could cost a total of $38 a month.

So why are the fees going up? The city’s Director of Transportation Fred Raiford says this is expected with inflation and increased prices.

“Why is it costing so much? I say the same thing every time I go to the grocery store. Why is the syrup costing more, why is meat costing more? Because there’s been that increase. And we did everything we could to negotiate those numbers,” said Raiford.

Councilman Darryl Hurst says he wants to see a middle ground. He’s pushing for trash pickups twice a week and recycling pick up every other week, for a $9 increase.

“I believe going to the $32 route but providing identical services is where we need to be from a city standpoint,” said Hurst. “No one wants to see fees increase, especially with inflation. But we also don’t want to see a reduction of services in our city which provides a long-term negative impact.”

Republic Services has a history of late pick-ups in the capital area. In 2019, a report showed residents filled 10,000 complaints against Republic Services.

Raiford says the company has made significant progress, but they are requiring trucks to have cameras and maitanace upgrades to avoid issues in the future.

“Sometimes the public feels like they missed a pickup, we’re going to have cameras that will be videoing everything,” he said.

The council will consider the contract Wednesday, December 14.

If approved, the new system will take effect in March.