BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — During the Thursday East Baton Rouge School Board Committee of the Whole meeting, the board failed to pass a resolution calling on a new investigation for the ‘Day of Hope’ event.

Earlier in the day, Superintendent Sito Narcisse issued a lengthy statement saying that any claims made against EBR Schools and the Day of Hope event have been investigated and found to be baseless.

The statement says, in part, “As we have viewed stated accounts provided to media outlets and heard troubling accusations and individual take-away perceptions of the event, we have not received, nor have we been able to find verifiable evidence supporting any of those claims and accusations.”

According to EBR Schools, the field trip was a college and career fair designed to help high school seniors address various issues teens face and to motivate them to make empowered choices.

The day after the event, some parents took to social media claiming the field trip discriminated against LGBTQ+ students and had religious undertones, and failed to properly navigate sensitive topics.

During the meeting, school board member Dadrius Lanus voted against the resolution. Lanus says the school system does not discriminate against students based on gender.

“This is an incident that happened and can happen at any time because we are a changing world,” Lanus said.” A lot of policies will change because of the society and the world and we do have some catching up on some things.”

Attorney Ron Hayley Jr. is representing 29:11 Mentoring Program, the organization that partnered with the EBR School System for a Day Of Hope event. Hayley says 29:11 did not host an event intended on religion. He is asking the school system to be more clear about the separation of church and state.

“We need to update our policies to ensure that when religious organizations come forward to do certain things that there are not gaps put in place,” Hayley said.

School board Dawn Collins was on board for the resolution. Collins says she does not think 29:11 was at fault, but the school system should have done a better job before hosting the event.

“I find it concerning that at no point, if, the concerns about the way the program played are out are true,” said Collins. “Then I find it very concerning that nobody had anything to say about the safety of black girls and women.”

The resolution failed in a 2-4 vote. Board members Collins and Evelyn Ware-Jackson were the only members to vote yes. Board member Jill Dyason was not present to cast a vote.

Thursday’s full meeting is available here.