(WGNO) — If you are concerned about your New Orleans Saints – you have company.

Except for one quarter against Atlanta, the Saints have not looked like a playoff team, or a team that will contend for a division championship.

Jameis Winston is playing hurt – and he is not playing.

Alvin Kamara, who missed last week’s game is questionable for this week.

Without Kamara, the Saints are not the same team. But, they should still be good enough to get the ball to Michael Thomas, Jarvis Landry, and Chris Olave.

For the Saints to win, they have to.

Winston has to be better. Or Dennis Allen has a decision to make.

He does.

With those receivers and a good offensive line the Saints must move the football.

In 2017, the Saints won at Carolina, then beat Miami in London.

They turned around that season.

That’s what the Saints need in the next nine days.

If not, that concern we talked about will grow.