Monday, Eddie Rispone for Governor announced its first major television advertising buy of the 2019 gubernatorial race. The first ad campaign will begin on Tuesday July 23, run for approximately two weeks, and is backed by an over $1 million spend. The ad flight will run statewide in every media market on broadcast, cable, and satellite television. The Rispone campaign will remain on television through Election Day on October 12.

The spot, titled Eddie Stands with President Trump, highlights Eddie Rispone’s long standing support of President Trump. In the video, Rispone says he will work with President Trump to protect our constitutional rights, ban sanctuary cities, and end taxpayer benefits for illegal immigrants in Louisiana. 

Rispone added on the announcement, “I am proud to stand with President Trump. I have been unequivocally supportive of the President since day one, and will proudly work with him as governor to defend our constitution and secure our borders. Louisiana needs someone like President Trump—a conservative, outsider, and businessman—to take on the status quo and turn this state around.”

U.S. Representative Ralph Abraham is the other Republican in the race. Governor John Bel Edwards is running for re-election as the only Democrat in the race.

Election Day is November 16th, 2019.