BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Restaurants in the Capital region are hiring more for the holiday season. From regular dinner rush crowds to seasonal celebrations, the tables are getting full.

“Elise’s Plate and Pie, how can I help you?” asked a worker. The phone has been ringing off the hook all day. It’s the holiday season, and everyone wants a slice. For restaurant owner Paul Dupre, that means higher demand. “For this week, we will make between four and 500 pies, which is, of course, considerably higher than, you know, a regular week for us,” he continued.

And though he says they have more workers than in the past, more hands are still needed on deck. Dupre says good help is hard to find, and hiring skilled workers got harder during the pandemic. “With an experience level that’s just, you know, very high and not easy to find and in the last couple of years have been, you know, even more, extreme than normal with that,” he explained.

But thankfully he’s got some helpers, just like Santa. Some of his workers have moved away, but around the holidays, they come back to help. “Which is just, you know, tremendous help, and couldn’t do it without them. But even being staffed, with the uptick of business and the pies we need even more help,” Dupre said.

To slow down the demand, Dupre says he won’t take any more preordered pies, but customers can still walk in and order.