Death row exoneree Shareef Cousin tells his story to of nearly being put to death for a crime he was found guilty of but later cleared.

The Louisiana man got emotional when he though about children. His story is similar to many death row exoneres, if not in the details, but the process. Back in 1995, he was jailed for a murder he did not commit and spent three years on death row. Now, he says he is deadicating his life to seeing that his children has a better opporunity and hoping to convince lawmakers of his point of view.

The ACLA along with Shareef Cousin, Death Row Exoneree and LA Repeal  will be standing in unity during a press conference this evening at 2:00 p.m.  on the steps of the Capitol to urge legislators to repeal Louisiana’s death penalty. 

Cousin spent three years on death row in Louisiana. Given the strength of Mr. Cousin’s alibi and concerns over misconduct and the mishandling of evidence, the Louisiana Supreme Court ordered a new trial and prosecutors declined to re-charge him, siting a lack of evidence.