LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A Lafayette man who got a chance to act as an extra in a movie being filmed in Lafayette featuring Morgan Freeman says he received many comments about his interesting voice the few days he filmed on set.

“That’s why I don’t speak a lot or talk to people because they always relate me to Morgan Freeman,” Chuck Harrison said. He luckily got to work with the actor this week as an extra on his movie. He says his experience was nothing short of amazing. “That was another thing. People really came to me for autographs because of my voice, because I sound like Morgan Freeman,” Harrison laughed.

While freeman is in Acadiana, people have also figured out he’s quite the foodie. He’s been seen visiting countless restaurants here in Lafayette. Of course, people are quick to snap a photo with the actor, and they say he’s an absolute class act. As Freeman makes his rounds to local restaurants, people all over social media are now asking him to stop by their local business. Some people even offering to throw the actor a good ole’ Cajun crawfish boil.

As for Chuck Harrison, he says he didn’t get a chance to speak to Freeman, but he knows exactly what he’ll do if he does. “Everybody wants a photo with me and Morgan Freeman. If we do, I’d like to stand side by side with him, maybe with a suit or something on, look like Morgan Freeman, and take a photo. Simple. That’s all I want,” Harrison said.

Freeman will be filming more scenes in Lafayette for his upcoming movie over the next few weeks.

He’s filming a Sci-Fi movie called 57 Seconds. The film is about a character who finds a mysterious ring than can take people 57 seconds into the past.