BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – With recent rain and winter temps keeping people inside, families are looking for fun and safe activities for their children. If you have a future ballplayer in the house, D-BAT Baton Rouge is the place for you.

“They can see more pitches in 15 minutes than we used to see in an hour of practice,” dad Tony Stroup said.

12-year old Grayson Stroup added, “In a matter of two months, I’ve gottten 1,000-plus swings, I feel like I have improved a lot.”

A state of the art, safe, tech-savvy baseball and softball training facility, right here in the Capital City.

“It helps me a lot,” Peyton Dunn said. “I love coming here and just hitting in the cages.”

12-year old Cruse Brewster added, “They have these cool machines, they call Rapsodo machines, and these high speed cameras that measure your exit velocity and the distance that you’re hitting the ball.”

“A really nice facility and people like coming here knowing that it’s clean and safe. That it’s a good atmosphere, a family atmosphere, it’s a lot of fun too,” Hayden Jennings said.

Former LSU baseball signee Hayden Jennings has devoted his career to the game, once as a professional player and now as part owner and operator of D-BAT to serve the Baton Rouge community.

“I love baseball and I love business. So five years ago when I moved to Baton Rouge and got into coaching, I didn’t realize how much I would love it. And when the opportunity came to be able to put both of them together, to run a business and be involved in baseball and coaching and help the next generation, honestly I love it more than baseball I really do.”

D-BAT just opened in December and offers everything from batting machines, which let you control pitch speed and motion, to open cage space, private lessons, virtual reality training and more.

Dunn added, “We can pick whatever miles per hour we want…we can pick 37, 50, 60, 70, which I’ll never do because it’s like 80, you can do curveballs and all that jazz.”

You can even schedule birthday parties, attend holiday camps and clinics and take advantage of monthly membership perks.

“We’re getting here literally 3-4 times a week, every time he gets a break, he comes in. As soon as he gets out of school, he’s ready to roll,” Tony Stroup said.

Meanwhile, the staff boasts years of professional experience, to guide future ballplayers and help take their game to the next level.

Grayson Stroup added, “The coaches are amazing with constructive criticism, all around a good place.”

“I’ve seen my son’s swing improve in a matter of a couple weeks already, he’s getting better, he loves coming here, seeing the other kids and interact, it makes it nice, just a little bit of normalcy to our life,” dad Kerry Fontenot said.

Jennings added, “We want to make sure our sole focus is getting them better. All of our instructors have that mindset that no matter where they are in their athletic ability or their talent on and off the field, we ant to make sure that wherever they want to be, we help them get there.”

D-BAT is also planning future locations in Denham Springs and Lafayette.