Family First: Summer Travel and Activities


“We went to Jamaica, and it was great,” Kim Ryes said. “The ports were open. Everything was normal life. I mean, it was just beautiful.”

Back in early March, travel was an exciting experience for the Ryes family. But COVID-19 quickly changed everything.

“At that point, ports are closed and boats are out and having nowhere to land. So we beat the scenario, we beat it out by not even a full week, just a few days,” Jarvus Ryes. “Yeah, because as soon as we got off that Sunday. And that’s when everything gets to revamp and then when COVID hit the realness of, I guess you can say, COVID really took steam and we we had just made it back.”

Fast forward three months, and the question looms: How safe is summer travel? Jarvus and Kim, and daughters Kaitlyn and Karleigh have been exploring their options.

“If we do a beach trip, that’s normally a condo and we do most of the cooking there, so it’s not like we’re going out much they’re happy with the pool,” Kim Ryes said. “And I feel like at a beach, you can kind of spread out a little bit. I mean, it seems safe enough to where I would feel comfortable with a beach, a beach trip.”

Kaitlyn Ryes added, “I really want to get out go to the beach and go in the water.”

Regardless of destination, the recommended best practice guidelines remain the same.

“Best Practices guidelines are kind of the same no matter where you go,” Dr. Stephen Sanches, a pediatrician with Baton Rouge Clinic said. “Try to maintain a six foot, you know, social distance to try to keep your face covered if you can’t maintain that social distance, especially in those situations where you can’t maintain that social distance or you’re in public areas, and really find areas where you’re able to spread out even farther than that from other families, obviously each state is kind of reopening at their own pace so families need to make informed decisions on knowing what they’re going to be allowed to do when they do get to that other state. And, and following those guidelines, well they like to travel and that’s sometimes their sanity at baseline I think as long as they do it within the parameters of the state and local guidelines both of Louisiana and where they’re going, that, that can be a good way to find some of that sanity.”

Until that trip comes, there’s been plenty of activity to fill the summer void. With Kaitlyn playing softball.

“It’s fun doing that,” Kaitlyn Ryes said. “Seeing all my friends practicing and throwing the ball together. It’s really fun.”

Jarvus Ryes added, “We practice once a week, we have a game once a week. So, Tuesdays and Fridays practice and play. So that gets them out of the house gets them moving.”

And the entire family working in their self-made garden.

“We made a couple of box gardens in the back, for them just because what are what was going on so go pick whatever is ripe, whatever is ready to be picked to go pick those in the garden, and get them just outside, doing a couple things before we’ll do the ride and laps around the house and just discover things get them outside you know move in and just get out of mom’s head a little bit,” Jarvus Ryes said.

Kaityn Ryes added, “It’s really fun going outside and doing that.”

What do you think Karleigh?

Karleigh Ryes: “Awesome!”

Jarvus Ryes added, “It’s nice because they know that was especially at home the first time really in the garden for them, and they get out there like the other day we got out. Give them a pair of scissors. Let’s go clipping, and they’ll pick everything they got to grab, somebody cut my cucumber they weren’t supposed to cut me on that. But other than that, they knew that they do a really good job they go around cutting everything.”

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