NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — It’s said that grief gets better with time, but the family of 17-year-old Rashaad Broussard would disagree.

“It don’t get better. It don’t feel like it’s getting better,” said Myron Broussard, Rashaad’s uncle.

Broussard and 15-year-old Jaquan Green were shot dead in the 4200 block of Hamburg Street on May 11, 2021.

Broussard’s family remembers him as playful, happy young man. They were looking forward to what the future had in store for him.

“I wanted him to graduate. I had high hopes for Rashaad,” said Angela Turner, Rashaad’s grandmother.

It’s been a year since Broussard’s murder and no arrests have been made, but his family says they believe they know who killed him.

“This young guy was out and about, terrorizing New Orleans streets, they call him one of the most dangerous young kids. 18-years-old, killing and just killing, killing just to be killing,” said Broussard.

The New Orleans Police Department has not publicly linked that man, who we are not identifying, to Broussard’s case, but he’s currently incarcerated, facing five murder charges for three separate incidents.
Broussard’s family says that suspect who has a lengthy criminal history and should’ve never been on the streets.

“The system failed him. The suspect, who they believe who is actually the person who did the crime to my nephew, he is behind bars, but eventually DNA will make sure that he actually has those two body counts underneath his name as well,” said Broussard.

Until an arrest is made, Broussard’s family says they’ll continue to seek justice.

We reached out to the New Orleans Police Department about the case, and they said no suspects have officially been identified and it remains an open and active investigation.

Crimestoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for any tips that lead to an arrest.