Just 50 miles north of New Orleans in Vacherie, Louisiana sits the Laura Plantation.

Legendary rock ’n’ roll star Fats Domino’s parents arrived on the plantation after the Civil War.

“It’s not something people really know about, they discover it when they come here,” said Joseph Dunn, public relations for Laura Plantation.

Dunn said the former owner “Laura” ran into money problems. She sold half of the property.

“Her father had significant gambling debts,”said Dunn.

Fats Domino’s parents moved onto that half of the property that was called “Weber-Steib” named after the family that bought it.

Domino’s parents were share croppers, they worked the sugar cane fields, and lived in slave cabins.

“You would have had quite a number of people living in these houses, based on their status and social hierarchy, that reined over the lives of enslaved people,” said Dunn.

It’s a story that not many people know. Fats Domino’s parents moved in the 1920’s to New Orleans but others we’re still on the plantation.  

“There were descendants of enslaved people still living on this property, obviously not in the share cropping system but up till 1977,” said Dunn.