BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – When it comes to completing tasks that we find unappealing, we may end up procrastinating because we simply have no motivation to take them on.

So, when it comes to creating a budget, tackling taxes, or even finding the motivation to exercise, how can we overcome the tendency to procrastinate and do what needs to be done?

The three techniques listed below may come in handy.

#1/ If you need a break, take one

Before diving any further into the subject of motivation, the risk of burnout should be addressed.

Considering the amount of stress most people are under at this time, there may be a number of occasions when the tendency to put certain tasks off -or to procrastinate- is due to a feeling of being both overwhelmed by anxiety and hopeless. This is often described as burnout, which should be addressed for the sake of one’s mental well-being.

According to one article on the subject of motivation, “Once you reach a certain level of burnout, it can be difficult to get back to square one. So the most important thing is to take it slow.”

The article suggests, “Actually give yourself time to decompress and get your mind straight. If you have vacation time and the ability to use it, consider taking some time off of work or set aside time every night to do something you love, like reading or coloring to destress.”

There’s nothing wrong with taking a break from responsibilities and using a weekend to recuperate. Instead of worrying about what needs to be done, set aside some time the following week or weekend to tackle the duties that are waiting for you.

#2/Put your plans in writing

Take some time to write down what you want to accomplish, and be incredibly specific about how you intend to do this. Psychology Today also recommends putting the plans you’ve written in plain sight.

It says, “Putting things in writing holds you accountable to your goals; it also serves as a reminder of all the progress that you made.”

#3/ Take the task one step at a time

Sometimes the reason we procrastinate is because a project seems so large and complicated, we’re afraid to approach it.

The solution to this is to remember to take each aspect of a task one step at a time.

If it’s a project that will require days, weeks, or even months to complete, then experts suggest breaking it up into smaller daily steps that we can complete each day.

This way, every morning, you’ll get out of bed knowing that you have only one aspect of this project to complete.

This is much better than getting out of bed with the weight of an entire months-long task on your shoulders and absolutely no idea where to start in taking it on.

By allowing yourself to rest when you need to, putting your plans in writing, and taking each project one step at a time, hopefully you’ll find the motivation you need to reach your goals.